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Hello, I'm Zoltan Kollin UX designer from Budapest

I’m design manager at IBM Budapest Lab, co-organizer of Amuse conference, and instructor at UX courses in Hungary. From time to time I speak at events and share my thoughts on Medium and UX Myths. See my resume on LinkedIn or say hello on Twitter.

Updates and posts


My talk from UX Copenhagen 2017 is available online:


My talk from UX Riga 2017 is available online:


HWSW mobile, Budapest – November, 2018

Workshop: Design Thinking for AI products

Push Conference, Munich – October, 2018

Talk: Embracing friction

Interaction 18, Lyon – February, 2018

Talk: Embracing friction

UX Cambridge – September, 2017

Talk: Good design is... a myth

See slides

UX Scotland – June, 2017

Talk: Good design is... a myth

Watch the talk

UX Copenhagen – March, 2017

Talk: Good design is... a myth

Watch the talk

UX Riga – February, 2017

Talk: Good design is… a myth

UX Scotland – June, 2016

Talk: Misused UX design pattterns

UX Alive Istanbul – May, 2016

Talk: The evolution of UX challenges

Mobile Weekend Budapest – September, 2015

Talk: Misused mobile UX patterns